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Wiz Khalifa and his son are starring in a new Oreo commercial.  Nabisco is on the mark with this honest, thoughtful commercial

If you are a Wiz Khalifa fan, you know he has an amazing relationship with his son. He  often flaunts how close their are on Instagram. The Pittsburgh living native and his 5-year-old son Sebastian, whom he had with Amber Rose, are the newest stars in Oreo’s “Stay Playful” campaign. The commercial features Wiz and his son having fun playing around the house while enjoying some Oreo’s.

Wiz Khalifa raps in the video saying “They say we’re too grown for fun. We say playful’s never done. Don’t fight the feeling. Just let it flow. Stack it up. Rack it up. Let it go. I got a secret the world should know. Let’s stay playful, Oreo”. Khalifa can be heard rapping over the visuals for the commercial.

Wiz Khalifa is the face of a new cookie campaign. It’s heartwarming and is a bold move by Nabisco to capitalize on what’s current and the rap game. The commercial aired during the 2019 Grammy Awards.

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