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What is PPC management? PPC refers to Pay per Click. This internet marketing model is a very popular one nowadays. As an advertiser, you need to play only when a when your ad is clicked by a potential customer. If a PPC campaign is performed in the right way with clear focus on qualified target customers, you can expect optimal generation of direct leads which in turn increases conversions and guarantees excellent return on investment (ROI). If you are searching for a PPC company Toronto that offers all these benefits, you can hire KESEC.

Many variables are taken into consideration while running a PPC campaign. Inefficient management leads to wrong payment. Many people often end up making payments for products/services that they don’t offer. If Pay Per Click campaign is not managed effectively, you may even end up paying for products/services in geographical locations that you do not service. As a trusted and renowned Pay Per Click advertising Canada service provider, we help you avoid all these complications, and plan and implement a well thought out campaign with great commitment.

Google AdWords comprises of 5 match types. Out of these five, three can put you in a situation where your ads show up against numerous user queries. This situation can result in clicks that are totally ineffective. When a PPC campaign is designed, several important aspects must be considered in a careful way. Optimization of landing pages is a very important aspect. Another thing you need to consider is the manipulation of ad rotation.

Our skilled professional also focus on predicting the intent of the searchers to make your campaign result oriented. They create proper understanding about the searchers’ position in the buying cycle as well. All these aspects help us develop and implement a comprehensive PPC program that guarantees accurate results.

We don’t employee software to set-up and implement a PPC campaign. On the contrary, KESEC employs a real human being to plan, implement and monitor each campaign so that excellent results can be achieved in a consistent manner.

What do we offer?

Detailed analysis of the site and valid recommendations for making necessary changes that result in quality score improvement

  • Creation of landing page
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of customized PPC campaign
  • Timely report generation on results
  • Vigilant, timely analysis and valid recommendations
  • Tweaking, adjustment and reorganization of the campaign