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MasterCard just launched a sonic logo. Here is what is sounds like

By March 10, 2019 July 8th, 2019 No Comments

In 2016, MasterCard made headlines for releasing its first new logo in two decades. And this year, it pushing its brand even further into a new era by debuting a sonic brand identity.

A few days ago MasterCard, announced the release of what amounts to its own soundtrack, a “transaction sound” that will play across mediums and platforms when users check out. Developed with what MasterCard describes as a group of “musicians, artists, and agencies from across the globe.

It’s also a reflection of the way branding has evolved in recent years. Today, brands need to have a distinct, recognizable identity not just in packaging, stores, or billboards, but across digital ads, apps, and podcasts–and newest of all, in a growing number of screenless interfaces, like Amazon and Google voice assistants. Brands, once purely visual tools, are weaving their way into the world around us–including what we hear.

“With voice shopping set to hit $40 billion by 2022, audio identities not only connect brands with consumers on a new dimension, they are tools enabling consumers to shop, live, and pay in an increasingly digital and mobile world,” the company’s announcement reads. Without a screen, you can’t see what MasterCard looks like–but you can certainly hear what it sounds like.